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Self Storage Buildings

 Adel Sreel started business in 1977, since that time we have supplied countless storage buildings to our valued customers. John Scarboro, the owner and President started the business with onr thing in mind, which was to provide the highest quality product at a conpetive price to his customers.

With approximately 40 years in the building industry and numerous mini storage buildings constructed throughout the lower 48 states, we can provide you an affordable facility that will meet your customers requirements at most any location. Unlike the cookie cutter buildings of yesteryear, here in 2016, the buildings of today are engineered for quality, designed for appeal, haved esy customer access, a variety of unit sizes to meet your customers needs, with a termal barrier,and modern metal wall and roof panels.

A free quote is just a phone call, e-mail, or fax away. Call us today to get the infomation you need to plan for your new self storage facility, addition to to an existing facilty or reconstruction of an existing facility.